Yoga with Krystal Hennegar


Yoga classes offered for adults beginning September 4th...


8:30am: Restorative Yoga: mostly floor work followed by asanas that will naturally induce you into a state of relaxation and restoration.


9:45am: Barre Blast: 45 Minute Interval class! We turn up the sweat!! First, the small defining high repetition movement of Barre, that gives you long lean dance muscle... but then we blast this class with body weight based cardio breaks. For example plank jacks or squat jumps or mountain climbers... the list goes on. There is still plenty of BARRE in this class!!! 





Classic 1 hour class of blended methods, consistently changing and challenging your muscles. Small high repetition movements that will set your muscles on fire and send them into fatigue, where strength is earned. The results, a longer leaner shape. 



Flow Yoga:

All level yoga class incorporating stretch, breath, asanas and flow through sun salutations with vinyasa. Modification will be taught, more challenging options will be offered, if requested but this is not a power level class.




Yoga Tone:

It’s like power yoga when it comes to the sweat, but with added body weight bearing repetition to define and tone problem areas. 


Yoga for kids!!!  See our fall schedule for days and times!

Level 1

30 min: stretches for increased flexibility, breath awareness for focus, simple poses to build strength and confidence 


Level 2

30 min: stretches for increased flexibility, breath awareness aligned with body movement for focus, poses introduced into basic flow structure for strength and confidence.


Level 3

45 min: stretches for increased flexibility, focused breath aligned with body movements, transitioning into flow work including vinyasa for strength. asanas, sun salutations and transitioning balances will create a dynamic practice for students. class will end with a calming session to release the stress of the day.