Yearly Expenses


Tuition is due at the first of each month. A $10.00 late fee will be added to accounts not paid by the 10th of each month. There will be a $25.00 NSF charge on any returned checks. Anyone writing an NSF check will be placed on a cash only account. We take cash, check and credit cards. There is a 3% swipe fee on credit cards. Label all checks and cash. Please be sure to place the dancer’s name on the memo line of the check.


Costume deposits

Costume deposits are collected beginning in October. Costumes will be ordered in December. Deposits are non-refundable once costumes have been ordered. PLEASE WRITE COSTUME DEPOSITS SEPARATELY AND LABEL YOUR CHECKS . Costumes are not ordered if there is not a zero balance on the student’s account.

Costume deposits to be collected:

  • Baby Dolls - 1 deposit ($50.00 due in Oct.)

  • Angels, Lil Sweethearts, Princesses - 2 deposits ($50.00 each: 1 due in Oct., 1 due in Nov.)

  • Showstoppers, All Stars, Superstars, Supermodels, Divas - 3 deposits ($60 each: 1 due in Oct, 1 due in Nov, 1 in Dec.)

  • Hip Hop - 1 deposit ($60.00 due in Oct.)

Deposit schedule:

  • October- 1st costume deposit

  • November- 2nd costume deposit

  • December- 3rd (and all remaining) costume deposit(s) (for students with three or more routines)

*Costume deposits are just that- a deposit to order the costumes. There is no way to know the full price of every costume in October. Balances will be due in January.


Recital Fee

There is a recital fee that is assessed to each student who participates in the end of the year dance recital. Each student must purchase a picture/ad in the recital program. Prices will be given for ads and recital fees in the spring. Pictures are taken here at the studio.