General Information

Students should not arrive to the studio more than ten to fifteen minutes early and should leave the studio within ten to fifteen minutes of dismissal. The studio is not a place for “hanging out.” Only students who are doing private lessons should come directly after school.

Parents are allowed to drop students off; however, they must arrive on time for pick up. Staff is usually in class and cannot be responsible for children left in the lobby. If you plan to stay in the lobby while your children are in class, please do not allow siblings to be disruptive. Repeat--- Please do not allow your dancers and/or their siblings to be disruptive. Maintain control of your children. No running. No yelling. It is very disruptive to class and other students/siblings can be hurt. Please do not bring in outside food in the studio.

  • Outside food is not allowed in the studio.
  • No gum will be allowed in class.
  • Bottled water only allowed in the studio.
  • No jewelry should be worn in class. Stud earrings only.
  • Please label all shoes with student’s first and last name.
  • Small students are encouraged to use elastic in their tap shoes in order for them to get them on and off in a timely manner.
  • Students are encouraged to wear cover ups when entering and exiting the studio.
  • Students are expected to be ready, in proper dress code, when class begins.

Observation windows are available for parents to observe class. The blinds will be closed once recital routines have been started at the first of the year. The blinds are also closed for Thursday company classes as well as privates and rehearsals. If you are viewing in the observation area, please do not leave any children unattended in the lobby. Children should never be left to run around the studio, lobby, observation area or bathrooms.

Gossiping about other students, parents, teachers, or other dance studios is not tolerated in the Main Street studio. At Main Street, we strive to keep a positive, healthy and happy atmosphere for everyone, and we expect the same from everyone.

Parent conferences will be scheduled mid year to discuss children’s progress.